Meet dreamy dogboys and aliens in this intergalactic dating simulator

Honestly, dating sims are not my thing. And after watching the trailer for Northway Games’ I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, I made a mental note that approaching ‘ice cold killers’ and ‘dogboys’ doesn’t get my engine running. But looking at the beautiful, soothing rainbow landscapes and the wealth of extraterrestrial life that I can study, I feel like I’ve been influenced.

I’m not here to embarrass you anyway – if dogboys are your thing, go live your truth. Since this is a sci-fi dating simulator that features multiple potential suitors from different backgrounds, genders, and races, I think maybe I’m okay with courting a hot politician or an alien if I’m feeling exotic.

The unromantic possibilities seem almost endless here too. There are 30 endings and 25 different specialties for your character to pursue – including planet surveyor, warehouse clerk, and many others. Each combines a sequence drawn from 800 total story events ready to be discovered throughout the game, over the countless life cycles of the protagonist.

O previous trailer (opens in new tab) in May we focused on some of the choices you can find in the game. Anything from what you want to study as a teenager, to how sarcastically you’ll engage with the ship’s AI, and even what actions you can take if you encounter the strange and likely lethal extraterrestrial creatures along your journey.

(Image credit: Northway Games)

With every decision you make in I Was a Teenage Exocolonist seeming to have immense potential for rich storytelling and thrilling encounters, I found myself drawn into the warm embrace of the unknown as the trailer continued.

And whether I will decide to work on my skills of empathy, organization, endurance or bravery remains to be seen. Still, one thing is for sure: I kind of can’t wait for the August 25 release date, because… I want to link pinkies with cute alien boys, as my inner romantic blurted out during the trailer.

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