Mahokenshi combines magical combat, deck building and celestial samurai

Honestly, who needs a regular deck of shmegular cards, huh? The deck builder boom has shown us so many wonderful ways to play cards from Slay the Spire to the newly released Shark Card (opens in new tab). up to Firaxis next game (opens in new tab) have them.

To continue the trend of exciting card fighting games, the trailer for Mohokenshi on the PC Gaming Show introduces us to the magical battles of samurai.

Mahokenshi is all about four houses in the fictional Celestial Isles. Although very much based on Japanese culture, these houses are more mystical than historical. The four houses have a Mahokenshi to choose from, Ayaka from the House of Ruby, Kaito from the House of Sapphire, Sota from the House of Jade and Misaki from the House of Topaz. As with many other card games, each of these characters has their own playstyle with elemental powers so you can learn each one as you go.

Each of the Mahokenshi has one main goal in mind: to protect this ethereal plain above the clouds by fighting demons and monsters. Where it differs from many other deck builders is that you will be traveling across terrain as you play, the trailer shows that the fight is more continuous than level by level.

Plus, these deadly moves are fully animated so you see your character taking down the bad guys instead of just imagining all the action. After all these years of seeing cards practically kicking each other in the shins, that makes a nice change, right?

There’s still no solid release date for Mahokenshi, but we do at least have a deadline. You can expect to play as these celestial samurai sometime in 2023!

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