Magic: The Gathering: Swindler’s Scheme exclusive card revealed

With the newest set in Magic: the Gathering, the demonic bosses of the mafia families rule a glittering noir city. In this plane, five families are the core of the story and mechanics, serving a similar tricolor function to the previous examples. Like the Shards of Alara and Khans of Tarkir shards and clans, their identities and flavor are central to the expansion. The cool factor is certainly there this time too, since the scary limousines to the upper-class parties of the Cabaretti family.

Several revealed cards have already made waves – including the five finals in the ten-land “Triome” cycle – and we’re moving into the Commander spoiler phase, where we learn what goodies Wizards has in store for the King of the Magic kitchen table.

(Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

Great spells are the cornerstone of the Commander, and the Scoundrel’s Scheme is ready to thwart his plans. Perhaps the most interesting part of Swindler’s Scheme is that it allows you to make a choice. If you don’t think a spell is important, you can wave to the party, like an island-powered bouncer working the kitchen table like a high-society party. But if you’re worried about a spell, then you can reveal that card and see if it matches – a high-stakes minigame if you’re facing a critical spell you don’t want to deal with.

There are several interesting ways to build around or include the Swindler Scheme in Commander. One method is to include it in a strategy of cards that your opponents will not want to play, either because they provide no benefit or actively harm them. But the best is probably to use cards like scroll shelf, Mystic Forge, Precognition Fieldand Sensei’s Divination Top to quickly rearrange and stack your deck to deal with your enemies’ spells. You can even make a bargain where you exchange a good spell for a bad spell if you think you can trust them.

Streets of New Capenna arrives at MTG Arena on April 28, the day before the paper’s release on April 29. Pre-release events will give early access on paper starting April 22. You can read more about the set’s history and mechanics in our Magic: the Gathering Streets of New Capenna Preview.

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