Mafia 3 studio suffers new layoffs after leadership change

According to a report by kotaku (opens in new tab) and Bloomberg (opens in new tab)2K’s subsidiary and Mafia 3 developer, Hangar 13, has suffered a round of substantial layoffs.

Hangar 13 consists of three studios around the world, and the Kotaku report states that “nearly 50” of the 87 employees at the Novato, California location have been laid off. It is currently unknown how much, if any, the developer’s offices in Brighton, UK and Brno, Czech Republic have been affected.

In our Mafia 3 2016 review (opens in new tab), Andy Kelly was impressed by the game’s bold choice of setting and gripping opening, but ended up disappointed in Mafia 3’s commitment to shallow open-world repetition. He was much more impressed with Hangar 13’s latest work in the remaster of the original mafia (opens in new tab)writing, “The new technology doesn’t hide the fact that it’s a game built on 18-year-old foundations, but it’s a fun, fast-paced, well-presented gangster epic with great settings and a rich setting.”

The years since Mafia 3’s release have been difficult for Hangar 13, with the developer suffering a previous round of layoffs in 2018 before having a massive $53 million project. called off (opens in new tab) end of last year. Just this month, Hangar 13 underwent a leadership change, with former company president Haden Blackman having been replaced (opens in new tab) by Nick Baynes, who presided over the new layoffs.

Both Kotaku and Bloomberg report that the main focus of Hangar 13 remains a new Mafia game, reportedly a prequel set in Italy codenamed “Nero”, but which the developer is also often called upon as a support studio for other projects. 2K Nothing is definitive, but I imagine that it will be a great challenge for the developers of Hangar 13 to overcome the blows suffered in recent years.

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