Logitech’s new ergonomic vertical lift mouse is a smaller, cheaper option

Unfortunately, the sad truth of this is that we are all getting older. For some, that still doesn’t mean much, and maybe never will. It is very common to have some unwanted new hair growing in previously hairless places and a little slowing down in the old metabolism as the years go by. For those of us who spend most of our time at a computer or many other activities, it can also come with joint pain, RSI, and a host of other problems as the body slowly degrades back to the dust it came from.

This is also why PC ergonomics are so important and why we talk a little about them here. When a trusted peripheral brand known for ergonomic mice like Logitech releases a new one designed to help people with these types of issues, we felt the need to let you know. especially if you are Bicurso-rious as our two-rat man Evan Lahti.

While they may not be the first choice for many gamers, a vertically positioned ergonomic mouse like the new Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic mouse can make all the difference for people with issues. Plus, this is one of the most affordable ergonomic mice we’ve seen and it comes in a few colors, making it a little more affordable.

Vertical support is a pretty classic look for ergonomic mice, as people’s wrists are at a more natural angle. They’re typically chosen for office use, but if you’ve been gaming a lot with a mouse and you’re noticing your wrists are hurting, trying something like this is a smart idea.

This one even has two programmable buttons as well as a scroll wheel which is pretty standard for most setups these days. A mouse like this makes a lot of sense for long gaming sessions, especially something like an RPG. It might take some learning to try and perfect these headshots for the FPS fans out there.

I’ve used ergonomic mice in the past, but they’ve always been quite big and clunky, which is another reason why this ad caught my eye. The Lift Vertical Ergonomic mouse is designed for small to medium hands, which feels much more comfortable than some of the larger models I’ve used. If you go for an ergonomic mouse, it’s important to try to get one that suits you best, so another option on the market will be great.

It’s a little stripped down in terms of features compared to a beefier ergonomic mouse, but that’s also what makes it small and light. It has a single battery, and a part of it is made of PCR plastic, which is always appreciated.

The mice are cordless, which is also very useful for ergonomics as you get a little more freedom for positions than a wired mouse can offer. They work via Bluetooth or using a receiver, so latency should be good and low too if you’re using one for gaming.

Logitech’s ergonomic vertical elevator mouse is now available on US website for $69.99 USD. It’s scheduled to come out next month in Australia for $129.95 AUD.

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