‘Let Me Solo Her’ Is Elden Ring’s First Legendary Player

It took two days for “Let me solo her” to become a legend.

On Monday, April 11, a poster on the Elden Ring subreddit wrote a small post titled “thx ‘let me solo her'”, praising a player who helped them defeat Malenia, widely considered the hardest boss to Elden Ring. “He dodged almost all of her attacks and was only hit once,” wrote the poster great_artorias. The story didn’t catch on, picking up only 74 upvotes and a few comments. But “Let me solo her” was keeping busy, summoning to help other players. The next post, just 24 hours later—“Here’s an absolute legend, let me solo it”— has 40,000 upvotes and counting. FromSoftware fans have a new idol.

“Let Me Solo Her” is the latest in a prestigious lineage of Souls players who flex their skills by fighting naked or in the goofiest armor they can find. In the case of “Let me solo her’s”, this means wearing nothing but a pot as a helmet. The previous armor is partially practical – keeping gear weight as low as possible in Souls games allows you to avoid rolling a little faster and farther, with a better invulnerability window. Some players dedicate the weight capacity they would normally spend on armor to comically large dual swords or hammers, though “Let me solo her” favors katanas.

The character’s name itself is a powerful statement: it’s all “Let me solo her” needs to say to its future summoner, an efficient mission statement in a game that most often only allows communication via gestures. It also implies that the player behind the naked, pot-headed warrior created a new single-purpose character after beating the game, purely to fight Malenia again and again.

Going naked is also a declaration of absolute confidence. It says that while you were partying at the Radahn festival, they studied the blade. It says that while you held Fia, your deathbed companion, they studied the blade. It says that while you wasted your time in vain choosing your Elden Bling armor set, they studied the blade. And now that their progress has been interrupted by a battle that exceeds their mortal limits, they alone offer salvation.

“If I see a naked man, I already know I don’t have to do anything. In FromSoftware’s world, these are the scariest people,” wrote a poster in the thread that launched “Let me solo her” to viral fame.

“Clothes exist as a barrier to the desert. A barrier between man and the elements. A barrier between man and death. They are a sign of weakness. Drop your “armor” and fight like a true animal,” he wrote. other.

Threads about “Let me solo her” are now the second, third and fourth most voted of all time on the Elden Ring subreddit (which was established in May 2019), including one by u/KleinTsuboiOW, which confessed to be “Let me solo her” and posted a video of a fight against Malenia. It racked up over 300,000 views in two days. It’s an especially impressive feat when you find out that KleinTsuboiOW plays Elden Ring with mouse and keyboard.

Reddit threads in the “Let Me Solo Her” tribute quickly moved beyond sharing stories to immortalizing the player in fan art and 3D models.

(Image credit: u/etherealsteve)

Let Me Solo Your fanart

(Image credit: u/Etherealsteve)

Let Me Solo Your fanart

(Image credit: u/skullwithtophat)

Let Me Solo Your fanart

(Image credit: u/donderbom)

Let Me Solo Your fanart

(Image credit: u/gktazz)

Let Me Solo Your fanart

(Image credit: u/Matthewskincat)

Let Me Solo Your fanart

(Image credit: u/Nkromancer)

In response to one of the fanart threads, KleinTsuboiOW wrote that they plan to continue convening in the near future. “I will probably be helping others tainted for a long time as I enjoy fighting Malenia,” they wrote. “I recommend listening to sound cues in your attacks.”

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