Leak claims Arma Reforger will be the next game in the series and a bridge to Arma 4

A leaked marketing guide claimed that the next game from Weapon series could be Arma Reforger, a game using Bohemia Interactive’s new Enfusion engine that is notably not Arma 4. Due to the complexity of developing Arma 4, says the guide, Bohemia intends Arma Reforger to be a bridge between the current community Arma and the new game that will also introduce the franchise to a new audience – console gamers. Arma Reforger will reportedly be released on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

The leak says that the game will take place on a fictional island called Everon in the Atlantic ocean, close to another fictional island “Armaverse” Malden. The most notable surprise is that it will be set in “an alternate 1989” during a conflict between US and Soviet forces. It’s being positioned as a “military simulation game (as opposed to ‘simulator’)”, which is a more direct way of saying that perhaps Arma Reforger is a little more accessible than previously. Bohemia also apparently hopes that by releasing the Enfusion engine and technology to modders before the Arma 4 launch itself, a capable mod community will already be ready for launch.

The marketing guide was posted on a Reddit forum called Game leaks and rumors. It is being widely treated as credible, as Bohemia itself will present The Future of Arma on May 17th, for a publish Last week.

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