Laysara: Summit Kingdom challenges you to stop a city from falling down a mountainside

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to pack up, leave modern civilization behind and start a new life in the mountains. Apart from the ever-imminent danger of avalanches and my intense fear of heights, starting a new life among the rocky alpines sounds pretty sweet. Better yet, why not build an entirely new civilization from scratch?

I’m in luck because Laysara: Summit Kingdom will let me do just that. As we saw in PC game program (opens in new tab)is a stunning looking strategy game with a unique twist of having to build your settlements around the cliffs, cliffs and caves of a ton of unique mountains.

After being forced out of the plains, you are tasked with building a new home for your people in the mountains where everyone can thrive and prosper. Unfortunately, mountains are a little lower on the list of “safe places to live” compared to the ground. This means that rebuilding the Laysara Kingdom will not be an easy task. Avalanches threaten to destroy all your hard work at once, for example. You will need to take precautions to ensure your structures and citizens are safe, such as planting forests in danger zones or trying artificial methods to redirect snow.

When you’re not dealing with nature’s wrath, you’ll be struggling with a variety of mountains that present their own unique advantages and challenges. Perhaps one is lush with vegetation and farmland, ripe for growing crops to feed its villagers. Another might not have it, but it’s flourishing with tons of valuable mining resources. A vital aspect of Laysara: Summit Kingdom will develop transport networks that scale vertically and horizontally across different rocky settlements to share resources. It looks incredibly satisfying from the look of the trailer, with giant elevators, stairs, and rope bridges connecting mountains and cities.

If you’re a strategy fan, Laysara: Summit Kingdom is definitely one to hit Steam wish list. Even if you’re like me and strategy games aren’t your usual genre of choice, the gorgeous graphics and mountain twists might entice you to dive into a game you normally see. I know I’m going to try it as soon as it comes out, which should be in early 2023.

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