Latest Elden Ring hotfix prevents bosses from accidentally dying

Elden Ring received a small hotfix, which you will need to install to continue playing online. The main target of this hotfix seems to be what you can see in the video below, where a lategame boss essentially disappears mid-fight – now why didn’t that happen in my runthrough?

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This is one of several ways Radahn’s boss fight can fail: I’ve also seen a pretty spectacular clip of him diving to death in the water around the arena, which is perhaps not the most god-fitting ending.

Either way, the hotfix should prevent bosses from dying “at unintended moments”, as well as address a bug where Malenia wasn’t healing properly in multiplayer. Finally, on the bosses, the Elden Beast would apparently just… stop working under “certain circumstances” and you could mourn for a free win. Not anymore: the Elden Beast is back.

There are also some minor fixes: the Cerulean Hidden Tear item now lasts the proper length and some unspecified textual errors have been fixed. The update brings Elden Ring to version 1.04.1 (notes here), and in a rather charming signature, Bandai-Namco promises future updates “so you can enjoy Elden Ring more comfortably”. Maybe 1.04.2 will improve my chair’s damping.

Don’t expect a major update just yet: version 1.04 only arrived about a week ago, and made a huge list of changes (including patching Patches). Elsewhere in Elden Ring, a player found a mysterious coliseum that may well be destined for DLC, someone is doing a Game Boy demake (!), while others are somehow creating mini-summon armies to pulverize bosses. Times are good in the Middlelands, even if the The PC version’s performance issues remain a drag.

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