Kojima Productions Needs To Clarify He Still Likes Sony After The Fanboy Implosion

Yesterday Hideo Kojima made an appearance at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, announcing a new partnership between Kojima Productions and Xbox Game Studios (opens in new tab). Kojima says it’s a completely new project and “I’ve waited a long time for the day when I could finally start creating it.”

This was a notable announcement not only because of Kojima’s profile and background, but because his work has long been associated with the PlayStation, and when he parted ways with Konami, it was Sony that Kojima Productions first partnered with (for Death Stranding (opens in new tab)). The news was greeted by some with anticipation, while others saw the opportunity for good memes.

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Unfortunately, the internet is the internet, and the announcement brought an avalanche of praise and contempt from fans of Xbox and PlayStation, respectively. It seems strange to have to point out that Kojima Productions is also working on Death Stranding 2, or at least that’s what Norman Reedus says (opens in new tab), and signing a development contract to finance the production of a new game is not ‘choosing sides’ in an imaginary war. But it’s even stranger that, such was the reaction, Kojima Productions had to issue a clarification (opens in new tab) on being an independent studio:

“As an independent creative studio, #KojimaProductions will continue to work on creations for our fans. We will explore various possibilities with games, movies and music through platforms that evolve with time and technology. We look forward to your continued support!”

Another message followed emphasizing that the studio continues to have “a very good partnership with PlayStation”.

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Well what can you say. Some people need to go out in the sun and deliver some packages.

No one knows yet what this collaboration with Xbox is all about: the announcement was as vague as you’d like, with the only hint that it will somehow leverage Microsoft’s cloud technology. The unconfirmed industry rumor says it might be a horror-focused project called Overdose, but take it with a shaker full of salt. It’s also a safe bet that whatever it is, we won’t be playing for years.

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