Itch’s Huge Charity Bundle Raised Over $6.3 Million for Ukraine

Itch package to Ukrainethe latest in what is becoming an extremely welcome trend of massive charity packs in the indie showcase, ending today after raising over $6.3 million for charities supporting the people of Ukraine.

Organized by Necrosoft Games Director Brandon Sheffield, Bundle for Ukraine has collected just under a thousand games (including, full disclosure, my own) for ten dollars in support of two charities working in Ukraine during the invasion of Russia: The International Medical Corps and children’s voices.

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Sheffield originally gave the package a goal of $100,000, which it smashed in under an hour. After a day, the package raised over $1.6 million, finally peaking at a whopping $6,370,602.22 by the time it ended this morning. That number is due in part to the tremendous lineup of games featured – including not just stellar indie hits like Skatebird, Superhot, Minit, A Short Hike and Quadrilateral Cowboy, but literally hundreds of hidden gems from smaller creators. It would take an incredibly long time to work with everything on offer.

But it’s also comforting to see Itch continue to rally the indie scene to do good. The Ukraine Package follows a model established by the Pack for Racial Justice and Equalitywhich raised more than $8 million for legal defense funds in support of the anti-racist and police brutality protests that took place across the US and around the world in 2020.

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