It looks like the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection could be released in June

We could be seeing Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection coming to PC this summer, if an Epic Games Store blog post is anything to go by.

The date is still marked “coming soon” on the in-game store page, but updated epic it is next games of 2022 list over the weekend with a release date of June 20, 2022. This is relatively close to a Steam API mine earlier this year that suggested the collection would be released on July 15 – although the API listings from Steam are generally just estimates or placeholders for Valve.

It’s still worth taking everything with a grain of salt until there’s some form of official announcement from Sony, Epic or Valve. As we’ve seen in two years of pandemic-centric game development, release dates are quite hostile and can change a few weeks before a game is released. A summer release seems like a pretty safe bet, at least.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will mark Sony’s fourth release to be ported to PC in the past two years. The company has reaffirmed its dedication to our humble platform during this time. formed the PlayStation PC publisher last year and over the weekend started hunting to a Senior Director of PC Planning and Strategy at PlayStation Global. With all of their releases so far selling pretty respectably on PC, it’s probably just a matter of time before even more start to appear.

The rest of the PC Gamer team will be begging for a Bloodborne port, but I’ll be here patiently waiting for Spider-Man to appear.

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