Instead of going ‘pew pew’, your space weapon goes back in time in this sci-fi FPS

It’s always nice when a gun fires something other than bullets or lasers, so I’m excited to see that in sci-fi FPS The Entropy Center (opens in new tab)your gun fires Time. Specifically, when you shoot your futuristic weapon at an object, that object will be launched into its own past.

A catwalk collapsed? Shoot it! The walkway timeline will be reversed, all that broken concrete and twisted metal will be reformed, and you can walk across it. Piece of cake.

By the way, your time rewind weapon is called ASTRA and it’s loaded with an AI that can talk (sometimes just to make some snarky comments when you almost die). In The Entropy Centre, you’ll need ASTRA’s time rewind powers to solve puzzles on a crumbling space station so you can reach its core. And I hope that when you get there, you’ll figure out a way to do more than just fix broken pillars and reverse the direction of conveyor belts.

See, you are the last human alive because the Earth has overheated to about a hundred million degrees. It sure would be nice to aim a really big time rewind weapon at the planet and send it to the past to save everyone, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, this looks like it would take a lot more timebending energy than ASTRA can deliver. So you go deeper into the station, looking for answers.

There’s obviously a Portal feel to The Entropy Center, with cubes, button puzzles and snarky AI commentary, but it looks great and the concept of rewinding time is smart. Speaking of timing, the sci-fi FPS will release sometime in 2022.

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