Indie roguelike giants shoulders boldly asks ‘what if a frog piloted a mech?’

I am a simple man, a simple man who loves frogs. Fortunately, many indie developers seem to share my passion, with the deluge of games starring the little green amphibians coming down the pike. One of the most exciting ones so far is the Shoulders of Giants, recently featured at the Epic Store Summer Show.

This roguelike action sees you controlling a space frog piloting a samurai mech suit, switching between the two to handle ranged and melee attacks respectively. The game supports up to four player co-op and sees amphibious warriors battling the “forces of entropy” and restoring life in barren landscapes, a feature that reminds me of the PS2 classic Okami. From the in-game Epic store page:

“The forces of Entropy are wreaking havoc across the stars, corrupting living planets and inciting the heat death of the universe. Led by the psychic Owl, a team of space survivors is fighting to restore balance. A mysterious mech! A sharpshooter! amphibious! Together they must break through waves of enemies and restore light and life to the galaxy!”

Shoulders of Giants will be released exclusively on the Epic Games Store this fall.

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