Indie Darling Cave Story is now a roguelike

Daisuke ‘Pixel’ Amaya, the creator of the original Cave Historyworked on the game for five years before releasing it as freeware in 2004. The game is a deeply charming, difficult and imaginative Metroidvania-style adventure that since launch has been something of an indie touchstone: a great example of what a person can achieve by doing exactly the game they want to do.

Cave Story’s structure is one of its great pleasures: it features five aesthetically and mechanically distinct environments, as well as multiple hubs and mini-zones, and makes players come and go with notable changes. This isn’t the first attempt at a remix, but now a group of developers have taken Cave Story and changed it so you can play the indie darling like a roguelike.

going by name Doukutsu Randamu the roguelike Cave Story is free, like the original game, and has 23 different layouts and settings “each with their own generation and tricks!” Each race has ten tiers to descend, with a boss spawning every two tiers (and Cave Story’s bosses are the business) and the “old enemy” at the bottom.

The roguelike not only remixes the original, but adds new items, original mechanics and music, as well as different difficulty settings. You can also manually enter seeds for specific challenge races, and there are 20 different characters with their own abilities to choose from.

Cave Story is a better one, and the reason it has continually found new audiences over the years is that – as well as being a pretty touching game (if you know it, you know it) – it feels fabulous in the hands even now. It’s always had that slight roguelike feel despite it being a beautifully handcrafted adventure, and it seems entirely fitting that fans of the game have given that expression here.

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