‘Ideally Melts Your Face’ Says Destiny 2 Developer About Solar Rework

Season of the Haunted launches in Destiny 2 in just under an hour, and thanks to a leak out from the Japanese arm of Bungie’s new payers at Sony, now know a lot about it. What was missing from last night’s boast, though, were rework details for Solar subclasses. That’s now here in the form of a developer vision video in which Bungie’s designers show off some of the fiery new abilities guardians will use.

Internally, the work on Solar 3.0 was dubbed ‘Operation Caliente’ because the goal was to add spice to the “core powers that have been stagnant for three years”. In the video, Bungie highlights a new skill for each class.

  • Titan receives a double hammer melee strike called ‘Consecration’ that unleashes three waves of flame. It is very similar to Dead Messenger’s grenade launcher when set to sunburn.
  • Hunter has a new grenade skill called ‘Gunpowder Gamble’ which sees three pipe bombs strung together. Once launched, it will stick to walls or opponents and can also be thrown out of the air. Perfect for showing off shooting tricks, though it’s not yet known if I want an extra step before my grenade explodes.
  • Wizard undoubtedly gets the coolest new move in the ‘Incinerator Snap’ melee form. Click with your fingers and nearby targets spontaneously combust in a way that anime connoisseurs guarantee is a nod to Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist.

About 30 seconds into the video, you will also be able to spot some menu screens showing some of the new Solar aspects. Much like the Void 3.0 rework that arrived alongside The Witch Queen last season, Solar now appears to be built around a shared taxonomy of terms that includes: ‘Radiant’ (its weapons deal increased damage), ‘Ignition’ ( a large solar blast damages surrounding enemies), ‘Restoration’ (you regenerate health and shields, cannot be interrupted by damage) and ‘Healing’ (you are healed in a burst of light).

(Image credit: Bungie)

(Image credit: Bungie)

Based on the impressive depth of the Stasis and now Void subclasses, both using the same modular system to create builds, I can’t wait to dive in this afternoon. “Ideally, it melts your face,” says sandbox discipline leader Kevin Yanes at the beginning. Given that I plan on commanding a Dawn Chorus Warlock with the newly improved Retraced Path tracking rifle, I think the chance of singed eyebrows is dangerously high.

By the way, the latest Destiny 2 patch notes are now available – you can view them in full at bungie.net (opens in new tab).

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