I Am Future might be one of the funniest survival games of all time

What will the world be like six years from now? It’s hard to say. I’m pretty sure no one had “global pandemic” on their bingo cards in 2016, and all the general crap from the last couple of years makes predicting 2028 a pretty daunting ordeal.

For the protagonist of I am Future, though, he’s surprisingly unconcerned about being accidentally released from a capsule after a six-year slumber. Six years, six months and five days to be exact. I assume his unflappable demeanor has something to do with the fact that he’s probably seen some bad things already, judging by his mechanical arm. He’s definitely a lot more laid back than I would be, anyway. As he enthusiastically proclaims in the trailer, shown on PC game program (opens in new tab): “I have no idea where the hell I am, but damn, this place is beautiful.”

Beautiful is right. The aptly named Eden appears to be years beyond containing any civilization. Skyscrapers and yachts have become nature’s playground, as water floods areas once prone to heavy footfalls. Vines wrap around the pipes while grass and trees grow at your feet. It might be a post-apocalyptic landscape, but it’s quite beautiful.

(Image credit: Mandrake)

I am the Future doesn’t want you to survive bitterly, he wants you bloom. Take advantage of the lack of capitalism: no corporate lifestyle, no routine, no one to answer. No living in poverty while you watch the rich get richer. Take what’s left of the artificial earth and make it yours, man. You will be transforming the roof you woke up on into a cozy home and a functional base. It looks like his mechanical arm can easily (no pun intended, sorry) turn into tools too, with the trailer showing our happy protagonist with a circular saw arm cutting through some wood.

If the trailer serves as an example, you can also fish in the flooded waters around your new home and eventually build or recruit little helper robots to take care of some of the busy work and provide a little social interaction. There’s an adorable farmer bot complete with a straw hat and even a drone to roam around and complete tasks for you. Doesn’t sound like a half-bad life, huh?

Of course, setting up a cozy little life on an abandoned roof decades after the collapse of civilization would never be all sunshine and rainbows. There may not be humans ruining everything, but apocalypses have a funny way of bringing new dangers that have probably never been seen before. Make your balcony paradise beautiful, but maybe destroy some defense mechanisms too. Just in case.

I am the future

(Image credit: Mandrake)

There’s also the whole thing about how our guy ended up in a cocoon on a roof in the first place. I Am Future promises to have the answers as you gradually explore the ruins of the city and uncover the mysteries of how Eden ended up like this, how you ended up here, and how the whole thing comes together.

It sounds like a fantastic twist on the survival genre, though I’m sure it’s not without its ominous rumors about the dangers of the world and the story behind the protagonist and Eden itself. I Am Future debuts in Steam later this year, and you can list it right now.

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