Holy Moley, the fourth season of Super Animal Royale has you fighting some big moles

Super Animal Royale doesn’t contain the kind of forest creatures you find in children’s movies, fluttering around a princess as she chirps about her evil family or a handsome man she met five minutes ago. These creatures may still be so adorable, but they’re too hot and ready for the cutest fight to the death.

The brutally cute battle royale is already approaching its fourth season, and as we saw in PC game program (opens in new tab), it looks as sweet and spicy as we expect. The new season brings a terrifying giant mole, and unlike Super Animal Royale’s delivery mole, I don’t think he’s here to bring power-up items. You’ll have to work together to take him down before he scrapes and scratches every one of his cuddly teammates.

Chris Livingston had a ton of fun with Super Animal Royale when he tested it out a few years ago, finding solid gameplay beneath its cuddly, fluffy exterior. From the moment you go from being a giant duck to running over players in a giant hamster ball, to having a dance party with the rest of your crew, there are a ton of adorable moments sprinkled throughout Super Animal Royale’s heavy gunfight. . There are about 400 breeds out of 49 animals now too, so there must be a furry friend for everyone.

The fourth season of Super Animal Royale is scheduled to begin on June 28. It’s completely free to play Steam, though you can pay to upgrade to the super edition for some perks, extra animal breeds, and cosmetics. There will also be a Season 4 starter pack, which usually comes with a new animal, new cosmetics, and some in-game currency.

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