Here’s one of StarCraft 2’s top developers talking about the upcoming RTS Stormgate

Could it be 2023 already? Stormgate, a new RTS from former Blizzard developers who worked on some old games like Warcraft 3 and StarCraft 2, is one of those games that makes me want to freeze in time for a year so I don’t have to wait to play it. Without the ability to bend space-time to my whims, I’ll just have to make do with hearing Stormgate production director Tim Morten talk more about the game he and his team are building.

Morten stopped at PC game program (opens in new tab) to chat with the StarCraft Day9 demon about Stormgate and his studio’s goals in making a new, modern RTS. One of the big ones: making it easy for players to create their own maps, missions, and mods, using the same tools as the developers, and making them easy to share as well. Morten also talked about building esports tools like tournaments “directly in the client”.

“Historically, there are all these other ecosystems that you have to get out of the game, go through sign-ups,” he said. “Even if you are not a grandmaster, there is still an opportunity to be the best in your block or the best in your company or the best in your school. .”

Stormgate is keeping the classic 1v1 competitive format that RTS players have been into for years, but it’s hardly the only mode they’ve got going. entire stormgate thing is trying to make RTS more social. “We have the hardcore 1v1 that gamers love, but we also have new co-op modes that really allow players who have never tried real-time strategy before to jump in and experience this genre,” Morten said.

Stormgate will be playable in beta sometime in 2023, though we’ll likely have to wait longer than that to play its campaigns. You can read a lot more about Stormgate in an article I published on Friday, which includes more quotes from Morten and his co-founder Tim Campbell about their big plans for RTS.

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