Here’s a self-supporting “cozy” city builder from the publisher of Boyfriend Dungeon

Mossfield Origins is a small city builder on the way that aims to deliver bits and pieces of the genre to those who might not have the time to sit down to save 100-hour files. Mossfield Origins will focus on building self-sustaining communities and exploring a narrative around your city. Sounds interesting, as the characters in the trailer imply that while they got where they are for a reason… they’re “not doing it anymore”.

“We love building games big and small! With an increase from comfortable handheld games and no time for many hour tutorials or 100 hours of file saves (work, parenting…), we wanted a relaxing experience the size of a snack with a little bit of depth that more people can see the end of,” said developer Ruby Ruze of Studio Any Percent Eurogamer. (opens in new tab)

Part of Mossfield Origins is also cleaning up the mess left by previous inhabitants of the land you now live in. “We came here to undo some of the damage done by those before us. We will dismantle your abandoned research facilities and repurpose your technology for this,” reads the official description.

You can find Mossfield Origins at Studio Any Percent website (opens in new tab) and on Steam. (opens in new tab)

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