Here’s a look at the devilish tactics of the cowboys in Hard West 2

Hard West 2 is on the way, a second round of weird western 2015 tactics you may or may not remember fondly for their odd structure and experimental narrative. Appearing on Steam and releasing a reveal trailer, Hard West 2 looks a lot like a sequel to Hard West, which I think is what you want from it.

“Hard West 2 is a supernatural journey into the dark heart of the West. With a gun full of lead and a handful of sorcery, create a band of outlaws and chase the devil to take back what’s yours,” reads the official description.

That said, it has a lot of new and interesting things going on, the smallest of which is a really pretty new overworld map and a fight on a train, which always rules. It also has a new developer: Ice Code Games. The previous Hard West was made by CreativeForge games. The publisher, Good Shepherd Entertainment, remains the same.

We thought the first game had some promise, but the central combat was a little uninspired, in our review of Hard West back in 2015.

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