Here is classic Doom with ray tracing

I know we’re all well past the part where ray tracing any game is amazing and cool, but every time I see a new ray traced game, I can’t help but freak out and say “this is cool”. Sorry, I think I’m built like that.

Anyway, modder sultim_t took classic Doom and added ray tracing. So you, yes you, can now enjoy one of the great shooters, but with flashy lighting. Using the PrBoom sourceport, sultim_t added the dynamic lighting system to the first three chapters of Doom. Since Doom is open source and all, it’s free, and you can download it for free and play it with minimal technical knowledge.

Let’s just plot everything at this point. I mean, why not, right? old games? Ray track him down. Your phone’s interface? Ray tracked. Fridge panel? Ray tracked. Dog? Ray tracing.

You can find PrBoom: Ray Traced on sultim-t’s github.

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