Here is an RTS where you program your units with JavaScript

Screeps: Arena is an RTS about programming. Literally: you don’t control anything once the game starts, you just hope the orders you’ve planned beforehand are good enough.

Screeps, of course, is short for Scripted Creeps. That’s your army, duh, because you scripted them. Before starting the game, you build the AI ​​for your army via JavaScript: how to build a base, which units to build, resources to collect and where to upgrade first. You then send this code to a server, where you are matched against others.

Then your units are thrown into the fight against each other in quick 1v1 matches. These matches are played in a variety of arenas with various rules, each with their own matchmaking and rankings, and you’ll want separate sets of orders for each arena. New arenas are introduced every season of Screeps, and you will refine your code for these new arenas and refine it again between matches to improve.

So here’s your new plan, right? You learn JavaScript by playing BitBurner, the idle game where you use JavaScript to be a cyberpunk (opens in new tab), then apply your newfound scripting skills to take on others in Screeps: Arena. Not the worst idea ever.

In all seriousness, Screeps does the most for people who already know JavaScript or programming basics. (Using WebAssembly, you can actually use a wide variety of other languages.) I hope — programming jargon ahead — is more than anything a great way to learn a little TypeScript and take the time to work with an API and associated documentation.

You can find Screeps: Arena on Steam (opens in new tab) or learn more about it on your official website, (opens in new tab).

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