Halo Infinite Season 2 Launch Was ‘Rugged’, Admits Creative Lead

Launching a live service game can’t be easy. It’s hard to remember any games-as-a-service release where everything went according to plan, but typically, as the game is updated and time passes, things get more stable. Unfortunately, the release of Halo Infinite season 2 hasn’t gone so smoothly either.

Our Halo expert Nat Clayton previously said that the the first season was kinda messed up, and I expected the second one to pull it out of the bag. But even Halo Infinite chief creative officer Joseph Staten said the release was unplanned.

In a tweet discovered by eurogamerhe said, “Hey Spartans, this week has been turbulent. That was definitely not our goal. We’re really taking your comments seriously, especially regarding map jumps and sprints. We’re looking at options and we’ll have more news to come.” “

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Players were upset about the removal of tech like map jumps with Season 2. Unintentional geometry within maps that allow technical and even important moves in high-level gameplay, making all the difference to competitive advantages.

Also, fixed speedrun tactics such as using Pelicans to fly across maps instead of running across terrain. Pelicans just aren’t rideable anymore, which confused and upset fans after this was a highlight for many. Additionally, speedrunners often rely on in-game bugs to achieve the fastest times possible, some of which were fixed with Season 2.

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The comments on the developer’s tweet express quite a bit of frustration with the current condition of the game. Some complain that fans’ wishes are not being heard, others even post some questionably broken gameplay.

But it’s only the first week of season 2. With the recognition that things didn’t go as planned, fingers crossed that maybe we can make some quick and hard changes to the game to make up for it. And if what also doesn’t go as planned, well at least 343 Industries added our favorite Microsoft Clippy Assistant in the game. One day maybe they’ll even turn it into an AI, wouldn’t that be great?

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