Halo Infinite players discover how to see personal MMR

MMR – matchmaking rating – is essentially a measure of skill used to ensure fair matchups in multiplayer games: bringing together players with similar MMR helps to avoid the cruel defeats that can occur as a result of random matchups via server browsers. It’s not something games typically display to players – actual MMR ratings are often invisible data points that exist behind the scenes – but a group of Halo fans recently discovered how to track individual player MMR in Infinite Haloand discovered how playing the game in casual modes can really wreak havoc on your ranked experience.

The post explaining the process in reddit says that while team-based data on performance and average MMR is provided by 343 servers, individual MMR data is not included. Free-for-all games, however, essentially count each individual player as being on their own team, so the data the team’s MMR data servers spit out can be linked to an individual player in an FFA game.

“This means that with the way data flows from Halo Infinite now, each time you play an FFA game, you can see what your MMR is the moment you complete that game,” wrote redditor donutmonkeyman. “Right now, that’s the only way we know how to find that value, as we don’t think it’s something that 343 wants people to achieve.”

Then that’s it:

(Image credit: 343 Industries)

It becomes this:

(Image credit: 343 Industries)

It’s all pretty mysterious, and knowing your exact MMR isn’t especially useful when the game already offers a rating between Bronze and Onyx, but its potential value as an analysis tool is where discovery gets really interesting. The post notes that some players on the Halo subreddit complained that doing well on bot-based playlists is artificially inflating their MMR, forcing them to be played in high-skill lobbies in ranked games they are not prepared for. The opposite can also happen, apparently: players can keep their MMR from getting too high by playing matches on unranked playlists, ensuring an easier ride through ranked.

Being able to see individual MMR allowed the group to confirm that this is indeed happening: one of their friends is a regular Big Team Battle player who had a “horrible experience” when he tried to play ranked, and after analyzing his data, they determined which was why his MMR was so high, even though he wasn’t a high ranked player.

“Not only was he getting some of the higher skill lobbies as someone who wasn’t as familiar with these maps or game types, he was also expected by the TrueSkill system to ‘backpack’ teammates with lower MMRs,” explained donutmonkeyman. . “If an average team MMR for him was 1600, he was on top of that, and the game expected him to perform extremely well. I also believed the game would be a balanced match, although in reality this player had very little experience with the ranked playlist and how best to introduce yourself.”

Over the course of a few weeks of ass kicks, his MMR started to drop from 2230 to around 1550, resulting in better games: he was improving in ranked play, but he wasn’t being compared to pro-level players either. But as they noted, if he returns to Big Team Battle for any length of time, his MMR will increase again and he will be right back where he started.

“This feels like a core component of the game that needs serious design consideration, otherwise we’re concerned that the competitive integrity of ranked playlists will be compromised, and casual players interested in trying to rank will be turned away from the experience too much. quickly.” wrote Donutmonkeyman. “The current system, in our opinion, doesn’t support the notion of players having fun ranked matches and big battles if they’re interested in playing both.”

The analysis is flawed because the MMR data only comes from FFA games and it is unclear how it relates to CSR – Competitive Ability Rating – which is visible to players and only applies to ranked matches. Assuming these findings are accurate, this points to a potential problem for 343 Industries if not addressed. And if you just want to see where you stand in relation to the rest of the player base, it’s also very useful for that.

I’ve reached out to 343 Industries for comment and will update if I get a response.

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