Halo Infinite gets battle royale mode in season two update

Halo Infinite is heading to season two soon. A new Halo landmark blog post reveals the changes players will see when Season 2 launches in about two weeks, on May 3, and is a mix of old and new.

King of the Hill is back, first and foremost, and it comes with a new twist. As always, the mode involves capturing a designated “hill” and holding it for as long as possible. In this version of King of the Hill, however, the hill does not move on a timer. Instead, standing on a hill fills a control meter. When it’s full, the team on the hill gets a point and a new hill appears elsewhere on the map. However, the other team can contest a capture to stop the gauge from filling, and if both teams are pushed off the hill, the gauge drops back to zero.

Land Grab is the second mode on the list. There are three points on the map to capture, each earning one point for a team when locked. When all three points are captured, three new zones will be revealed and the fight for land begins again. The first to 11 points wins.

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Perhaps the most interesting of the modes is Last Spartan Standing, which is something of a small-scale battle royale.

“Last Spartan Standing is based on the Lone Wolves theme from season two,” reads the blog post. “In this free-for-all experience, 12 players appear on Big Team Battle maps with a confined loadout and five respawns. When a player runs out of respawns and can no longer participate, they can watch or leave the match without penalty.

“If a player kills in the match, they can upgrade to a different weapon – something ‘Escalation Slayer’ players will no doubt be familiar with. The match ends when only one Spartan is left standing.”

So it’s a mix of climbing tactics and battle royale. The multiple lives should make it suitable for smaller maps and Halo’s playstyle. If you die immediately in an idiotic way, you have four more chances.

In the rest of the post, multiplayer system and mode designer Zach Boyce details the changes made to each mode. Playing around with King of the Hill is a big deal if you’re a longtime Halo fan, after all. But Boyce strongly advocates the control meter. Look for the season 2 update on May 3rd.

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