Hackers Attack Top NFT Discord Bots To Steal Users Of Their Cryptocurrencies

Several major NFT equipment has been the target of a flurry of recent cyberattacks where hackers have taken over channel bots to use phishing tactics in order to convince users to create fake NFTs.

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Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Nyoki and Shamanz tweeted about the incident, confirming that their Discords were hit, and blockchain researcher Zachxbt posted screenshots as proof that the Doodles and Kaiju Kingz NFT projects were also targeted.

vice reports that tactics used included tricking people into clicking a link so they could coin a non-existent NFT. Hackers have arrived asking for ethereum, or an NFT wrapped in a token, and appear to have been successful in some cases.

“Oh no, our dogs are mutating,” announced a hacked bot. “MAKC can be staked for our $APE token. MAYC+BAYC holders will be able to claim exclusive rewards simply by minting and holding our mutant dogs.” Unfortunately, there were no mutant dog NFTs, just pain and suffering.

Attempts have been traced back to some cryptocurrency wallets now, on Etherscan – a blockchain explorer that can warn you of potential fraud – they are labeled False_Phishing5519 and False_Phishing5520.

Among the gains, a Yuga Labs BAYC-derived NFT was sold for 20 ethereum (~$69,000), most of which was quickly transferred from wallet 5519 to the marked 5520. 61 ETH ($211,000) then passed through Tornado Cash, a site that essentially “improves the privacy of transactions by breaking the link in the chain between a source and a destination address”.

All we know is that the last wallet moved some money into a wallet containing 1,447 ETH ($5 million). That’s the treasure, and finding the culprit will be next to impossible with all the levels of anonymity in cryptocurrency trading.

I think this should serve as another warning about the dangers of trading NFTs. Of course many are under the impression NFTs are a scam itself and with the probability of NFTs Pervade the Gaming Space in 2022, we will see a lot more scams like these appearing. Stay tuned.

Cryptocurrencies never sleep, and neither do hackers.

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