Graphical Dwarf Fortress continues to look better with new character sheets

Since we first saw the next version of Dwarven Stronghold which for the first time will have pixel graphics instead of indecipherable ASCII, I’m looking forward to seeing how they give characters a proper user interface. O new version coming to steam has been going strong for a few years now and we have an adequate view of what makes a dwarf a dwarf.

The incredibly influential and detailed colony simulator will now have proper interfaces for characters, and developer Tarn Adams has given a breakdown of what it will look like. Figuring out why dwarves do what they do is one of the delights of the Dwarf Fortress, and the newly linked and grouped Personality, Traits, Thoughts and Memories tabs will finally give you a real insight into what’s going on in a centralized and accessible way. There’s also a nicely done Relationships tab that lets you jump to the other dwarves and give you a small sprite for those characters.

(Image credit: Bay 12 Games)

Meanwhile, other tabs like inventory, health, and history are much more useful. Want to know why the character has wrist sutures? You can look back and see when this happened, how it was handled, and what combat event caused it to go down. You can even access a character’s knowledge and delve into your philosophical or musical education.

You can read the full developer log on Steam.

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