Grand Theft Enterprise: You can steal spaceships in Starfield, says Pete Hines

At today’s Xbox Game Showcase “Extended”, Xbox Communications Manager Malik Prince sat down with Bethesda Softworks Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications Pete Hines to talk more about some of the games we’ve seen. on the weekend. Bethesda Space RPG starfield (opens in new tab) was introduced, naturally, and the two discussed open-ended gameplay that allows players to find their own path rather than simply following the pre-written narrative.

And during the chat, Pete Hines casually mentioned that you can kill people, steal their spaceships and fly them. Then that’s it.

“We don’t want to put too many limits on what the player can and cannot do,” Hines said. “We love it when players say, ‘I wonder what happens if…’ and then they try.”

At the time he was talking about stealing items from stores, but the discussion quickly turned into more serious crimes and having the freedom to play the game however you want.

“You could spend thousands of hours doing nothing but building ships,” Hines said, “and [make that your focus] and that’s fine.” Players can also choose to explore all the planets, or just follow the main story line for a more guided experience through Starfield. “And no approach is wrong,” Hines said.

Hines then imagined a conversation between two players comparing notes about their different experiences during the same mission, with each making entirely different decisions that led to different results.

“Oh yeah, I just went in and stole a ship, shot every crew member and ran away,” Hines said. “Like… can you do this? You can do anything. I think this is a special part of a Bethesda Game Studios game.”

“You just gave me some ideas for stealing people’s ships, so I appreciate that,” Prince said. “This will be at the top of the list to do in Starfield.”

This is a level beyond stealing someone’s horse in Skyrim, but useful information for anyone wishing they could hop on one of the Brotherhood of Steel’s Vertibirds and claim it for themselves in Fallout 4. What you can do with a ship robbed at Starfield? for parts, sell it or add it to your fleet – remains to be seen. You can see the Starfield discussion starting here around 52:32.

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