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GPU Deal: Nvidia Just Dropped Prices on a Handful of RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards on Sale ‘Replenished and Recharged’

You don’t need me to tell you that times have been tough for PC makers in need of a graphics upgrade. Graphics cards were hard to come by, and the ones that were available were extremely expensive. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and we’re starting to see signs of a GPU market coming back to life.

Case and point: Nvidia has announced deals on a handful of its latest RTX 30 series graphics cards on sites like Overclockers and Ebuyer. Below, we’ve selected a handful of offers worth checking out.

You can find other offers that Nvidia is highlighting in their offer hub page.

Out of the lot, the KFA2 3080 Ti for just over the price of a 12GB 3080 certainly looks attractive. There’s a lot more packed inside the RTX 3080 Ti GPU than its non-Ti sibling. This includes an additional 1,280 CUDA cores, an additional ten RT cores, and an additional 40 tensor cores. It’s a much more powerful overall GPU.

Whereas the RTX 3080 12GB isn’t much more impressive than the RTX 3080 10GB, which would be a lot cheaper in a perfect world. The 12GB RTX 3080 isn’t necessarily a bad deal – these cards have been top sellers in the past – but as a newer model released during the peak of the GPU shortage, it came in pretty expensive over the older 10GB model. As such, we don’t expect to see the 12GB model drop in price as much as other models.

We can probably expect more business on graphics cards if these favorable market conditions continue for PC gamers.

Nvidia certainly wouldn’t mind all of its inventory being sold off as soon as it leaves the shop floor, but when inventory starts to pile up, something needs to be done to get it moving. Clearly, this has happened to some degree, and we’ve also noticed that retailers in the UK, EU and US have had what appears to be a considerable amount of GPU stock starting to accumulate lately.

Even with the aforementioned deals, it’s strange to see so many GPU models priced at around £1,000 or above. That wasn’t the case, but some seriously robust outliers before the GPU shortage. Hopefully this trend won’t continue with the next generation – the fingers crossed of the original RTX 3080 10GB for £649 doesn’t become a relic of when high-end GPUs were truly affordable.

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