Gloomwood Finally Has an Early Access Release Date

Ever since the excellent demo of the New Blood’s Thief-inspired stealth action game hit Steam two years ago, I’ve been very patiently waiting for it to become a full-fledged game that I can play. Thanks to a new trailer for Gloomwood that just debuted on PC game show 2022 (opens in new tab)I now know that this wish will be (partially) granted in just a few months.

Gloomwood will launch in early access on August 16th. Presumably this is the first part of Gloomwood’s levels, not the entire game. The reasonable part of me would like to wait to play it until the whole game is done, but considering it was my favorite game from last year’s e3 (opens in new tab) and continues to live for free in my head, I doubt I can resist.

Why are I and a bunch of other stealth fans excited about this particular indie retro throwback? Because Gloomwood is the kind of immersive first-person simulator that we just can’t get enough of these days. Gloomwood hails from the Thief/Dishonored school of game design, so think string arrows, turning out lights, stabbing bad guys with a sharp blade, and resorting to a gun when things need to get noisy.

If you’re the kind of person whose ears perk up when you hear the word “diegetic,” wait until you see Gloomwood’s inventory. It’s a literal briefcase that the player pulls and places on the floor or tables in real-time, complete with grid-based items, straight from Resident Evil. Objects in your FOV can also be dragged and dropped in and out of the case and become a physical item in the world. Rogers used the example of unloading a bullet from his revolver and launching it as a sound distraction for enemies.

New from last year’s five-minute gameplay video is the Undertaker pistol, a single-shot silenced weapon that is used more as a tool than a weapon. In an update video from earlier this year, developer Dillon Rogers shows how it can be used to destroy light sources from a distance or quickly detonate explosive barrels with fire ammo. There are also bear traps that remind me a lot of Hunt: Showdown, which is definitely a good sign.

Gloomwood isn’t the only game that New Blood has shared an update during the PC Gaming Show. Throwback FPS Dusk is getting an HD update with high-res models that, according to New Blood founder Dave Oshry, “nobody asked for”. Fallen Aces, Ultrakill Act 2, Faith and Amid Evil expansion The Black Labyrinth will all be released sometime this year.

As for the five new games Oshry teased during last year’s PC Gaming Show, including a car-fighting game and an old-school Fallout-style RPG, they’re still in the works, but Oshry “isn’t ready to talk about them just yet. ” . Fingers crossed for next year, then.

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