Ghostwire: Tokyo Director Interested in Making DLC ​​and Sequels

Ghostwire: Tokyo, may receive DLC and a sequel or two after its director expressed interest in expanding the story. Kenji Kimura, in a new interview, expressed his hopes to continue the story of the macabre game once “things calm down a bit”.

in an interview with IGN Japan, the director of Ghostwire: Tokyo seems excited at the prospect of more Ghostwire. The translation of the interview (via Radar Games) says, “I think when things calm down a little more, and when I cool down a little more, I’ll have ideas for DLC and sequels, and I’m going to want to do them. Nothing’s been decided yet, so I can’t say anything more than this.”

Kimura previously said that he was not opposed to making the DLC in March to Wccftech, but now it looks like new games are potentially on the cards too. Without spoiling Ghostwire’s story too much, the game’s ending is pretty definitive. If there were sequels, I would be rooting for a new protagonist and a city, maybe Kyoto, for example.

Some deeper fighting mechanics, new powers, different arrows would be welcome additions to the game. While very beautiful and definitely fun when you dive in, it lacked some of the depth I was looking for, which was one of the sticking points in my Ghostwire: Tokyo Review. But if there were DLC and/or more games, I would be eager to dive in again.

This news might be a little scary for fans of The Evil Within, as this has been Tango Gameworks’ bread and butter. If Ghostwire is now the studio’s future focus, who knows when that series will reappear.

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