Get Free WWII FTL-type Bomber Crew on Steam for a limited time

Calling Bomber Crew a WWII version of the FTL isn’t entirely accurate, but it’s not too far off. The two games have a lot in common: they’re both about managing a ship and its crew as you fly from disaster to disaster, with breakdowns and duels removing pieces of your hull and the occasional engineer.

If you were intrigued by the idea, Bomber Crew is available for free at Steam (opens in new tab) right now.

Describing Bomber Crew when he played in 2017, Paulo Dean wrote“When things go terribly wrong, I often find myself very aware of what I could have done better or differently. Many missions offer critical advantages such as temporarily reducing enemy damage or artillery intensity, which means it is advisable to face them in a specific order, and I learned that practical aircraft upgrades are better than just adding more weapons. A self-sealing fuel tank is a gift from God.”

You will need to add it to your account before Friday, June 3rd as Bomber Crew is being distributed as part of the Curve game publishers promotion (opens in new tab) and that’s when it ends. You can also get games like twin-stick cyberpunk action RPG The Ascension at half price (opens in new tab)slapstick physics platform Human Fall Flat 66% off (opens in new tab)and fantasy tactics RPG For the King with 70% off (opens in new tab).

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