George RR Martin didn’t hide his initials on Elden Ring on purpose, apparently

As part of our ongoing quest to discover what exactly George RR Martin did for Elden ringthe man himself has now denied having tied his own initials for the demigod characters in the game. Main characters like Godrick, Rnest, Radam, and Melina all have initial letters that coincidentally or not, align with yours. But this was not a decision he made, Martin insisted on his last blog post.

“I’ve been writing and publishing stories since 1971, and I suspect I’ve been naming characters starting with R, G, and M from the very beginning,” Martin wrote. “Inventing names is difficult, especially since A Song of Ice and Fire uses so many of them, and I like naming family members and close relatives who have something in common… in-game name?”

Martin is right, there are many characters who share their initials in their own work, but it seems more than a coincidence that some of Elden Ring’s most prominent characters are based on these three letters. FromSoftware’s stories are often inscrutable because of how they’re conveyed through brief dialogue and item descriptions, but in Elden Ring it’s hard enough just to keep track of the difference between Godfrey, Godwyn, and Godrick. It’s so confusing it seems intentional.

It’s also still unclear what exactly Martin did for the game. Elden Ring creative director Hidetaka Miyazaki said Edge last month Martin wrote a bunch of text about the setting and the “flow of the story and the figures that appear throughout it”. From there, Miyazaki and the team translated all of this into game fiction. It’s very possible that the names of the most important characters in the world came from Martin, but it’s also very possible that Miyazaki named them himself – he’s mostly the one who names the characters in the Souls series, after all.

But okay, I’ll take Martin’s word for it. He hasn’t personally named all the characters after his own name, but it’s hard to believe that no one at FromSoftware (including Miyazaki himself) hasn’t named the characters after one of the most important writers in fantasy fiction. It was a fun conspiracy while it lasted.

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