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Galactic Civilizations 4 will be released on April 26

A year after revealing the latest addition to its long-running sci-fi strategy series 4X, Stardock announced that Galactic Civilizations 4 is scheduled to leave early access on April 26.

GalCiv4 follows the same basic formula as its predecessors – taking a young space society into the void and establishing an empire that will stand the test of time – but will include several new or improved features: Multi-sector maps, for example, promise “a true sense of achievement and galactic exploration” by chaining together multiple maps with “subspace flows”, while the Core Worlds concept aims to reduce micromanagement while retaining the benefits of colonizing or conquering as many planets as possible.

Players will also have the ability to set and update policies and issue executive orders during gameplay, allowing for changes in priorities and production as the game unfolds, and can pursue new galactic conquests meant to keep them invested even as the game progresses. result is obvious.

“Historically, many players give up at this point and don’t bother finishing the game because they know they’re going to win, but it’s hardly a satisfying win,” Stardock wrote. “With this new feature, players can take on a challenge to earn ‘Prestige Points’ that will go towards the total needed for them to win the game. More interesting conclusion.”

“Galactic Civilizations 4 is the result of years of thinking about the exciting innovations that are taking place in strategy games,” said Stardock CEO Brad Wardell. “We want to give players the best turn-based strategy experience, and we’ve achieved that by adding tons of new features that increase the depth and scope of the game, while also incorporating feedback from various phases of alpha and beta testing.”

If you don’t want to wait for the full release on April 26, you can get Galactic Civilizations 4 in its current Early Access state at epic game store for $40. Learn more at

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