Frozen Flame Fantasy Survival Sandbox Launching This Fall

After years in and out of alpha and beta on and off Steam, survival RPG MMO Frozen Flame is finally releasing this fall – and a new trailer is showing today. PC game program (opens in new tab) to celebrate.

Placing an open-ended action RPG on top of the mining and crafting survival format and status bar filling we’re all familiar with, Frozen Flame tasks you with building a new home in the vast and hostile (yet visually splendid) world of Arkana fantasy – a world that is slowly dying to a frozen calamity.

In addition to the basics of surviving and building a base, Frozen Flame is also full of good old-fashioned dungeons, forests, and caves to explore as you seek out powerful weapons and artifacts. The biggest is The Citadel, an ever-imminent threat that is corrupting the lands and risks locking the world into an eternal ice age if not stopped. Conquering the Citadel is your ultimate goal – unless, of course, you’ve invested in wool coats and feel like playing the villain, fighting the rest of the server.

Frozen Flame is being released in early access on Steam this fall, a process developer Dreamside Interactive expects it to take around 18 months to complete. In this time frame, expect to add more biomes, monsters, and top-notch content and mechanics, as well as an actual final boss to kill.

Oh, and you can also transform into a ghostly bird. That’s always a plus in my books.

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