From the creators of Bloodborne PSX comes Bloodborne Kart

If the world were a better, more harmonious, more logical place, every successful entertainment series would have its own kart driver. From time to time we glimpse this splendid ideal: there was a James Bond kart driver. There was one Muppets kart driver. But what if there was a Resident Evil kart racer, or a Firewatch kart racer, or – dare you dream it – a Bloodborne kart racer? Well, as far as the last one is concerned: it’s happening, as a fan project.

Lilith Walther, one of the creators of the recent and brilliant Bloodborne PS1 Demake, announced Bloodborne Kart on Twitter earlier today. It’s not just a joke, as PS1 demake trailers often are. Bloodborne Kart is real.

Well, it started as a joke. Walther posted some images on Twitter in April 2021, as an April Fools joke. But as far as I know, March is not a month for joking around, and besides, Walther write on twitter that “It’s happening, #BloodborneKart is real and will be released as soon as it’s ready!”

Here’s footage from 2021, for your viewing pleasure:

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Given how substantial the Bloodborne PS1 demake was, I have high hopes that Bloodborne Kart will be brilliant. Either way, it’s time for the denizens of From Software’s dark game worlds to learn to resolve their differences nonviolently. But the mind is confused by the possibilities: Sure, racing against Father Gascoigne would be fun, but how about burning down in Yarnham with Rom, The Vacuous Spider on your tail? Terrifying and, without a doubt, cute.

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