Forza Motorsport has an obscene level of realism

Microsoft’s Summer 2022 Games Showcase included the first real gameplay trailer for Turn 10’s upcoming racing simulator, Forza Motorsport (opens in new tab)the eighth entry in the mainline of the Forza series

Racing sims like Forza have always been at the forefront of photorealism in gaming, and it looks like Forza Motorsport will bring that and more to the latest entry in the classic series.

In what might be the most “E3” quote ever, one of the game’s developers promised a “48x improvement in the fidelity of our physics simulation”. While that statement may have left me reeling at first, the Turn 10 studios seem to be backing it up. I was impressed by the team’s promise that Forza Motorsport’s real-time time of day would affect the ambient temperature, which in turn would affect the grip of tires on their cars.

The visuals on display are also gorgeous, with the game bringing real-time ray tracing to the series for the first time. The trailer featured the return of Maple Valley, a classic track from the original Forza rendered beautifully with modern techniques. Forza Motorsport is scheduled to be released in Spring 2023.

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