Fortnite is adding even more Street Fighter characters with Sakura and Blanka

As if four Street Fighter characters in Fortnite weren’t enough, Sakura and Blank are now heading into battle royale, complete with some surprisingly smooth alternate outfits.

Both will arrive in the Fortnite Item Shop on April 28, with each pack containing a built-in clothing emote, a back accessory, a pickaxe, and an alternate costume. Along with her standard Street Fighter outfit, Sakura is outfitted with a gym look inspired by the same Street Fighter 4 alternate outfit. tied back. Will Fortnite in reality make Blanka hot? It might be.

Blanka gets a nice healthy fruit kebab pickaxe as his weapon, along with a cute, if not a little terrifying, bling of Blanka-chan on his back. Sakura receives a beautiful crane machine, a Stone Fist Fighting Tournament pickaxe, and a kayari buta glider inspired by ceramic incense.

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Along with their arrival at the item shop, there will be a Blanka and Sakura cup arriving on the same day. It is a doubles event and allows players to immerse themselves in ten matches within their region’s respective three-hour window. Points will be awarded based on eliminations and overall position at the end of the match, with top players getting a loading screen for their troubles. Blanka is punching Peely’s car for some reason. Can bananas drive?

That’s Sakura, Blanka, Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy and Guile now preserved forever inside Epic’s strange cartoonish cauldron of pop culture. There’s been a lot going on in Fortnite lately – Chapter 3 of Season 2 saw Epic temporarily confiscate everyone’s building tools with a no construction modewhile its release helped raise $144 million for relief in Ukraine.

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