Former Blizzard Versailles Employees Won Their Legal Battle Against the Company

In 2020, Blizzard closed the doors of its French studio in Versailles, leaving around 285 people unemployed in the midst of the pandemic. Now these former employees have won their appeal in French courts against Blizzard.

Reported by the French newspaper Gamekult (by, the successful appeal means that employees may be entitled to compensation worth up to six months’ pay, as the court found that Blizzard’s reasoning for the redundancies was not legally justified.

It’s an empty victory, remember. Blizzard Versailles is still closed, closed over the course of the legal battle, and redundant employees will not be getting jobs back at the company.

“What that means in concrete terms is that once management has validated the [redundancy] plan, the company sent the resignation letters in the following days,” Mehdi Bouzaida, a lawyer representing the employees, told Gamekult. “In other words, people are fired and a few months later, a decision like the one we have today is taken, but the law at that time will not oblige the company to reinstate former employees, so only compensation is provided.”

A similar appeal was made against a previous round of layoffs in 2019, the year Blizzard made absurd redundancies in one year record profits are recorded. The 2020 layoffs saw unions representing Versailles workers call a strike, describing Blizzard’s reasoning as “nonsense”.

Activision Blizzard declined to comment with Gamekult. PC Gamer asked for a statement.

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