Flyleap, developer of Kingdoms Rise, backs out, leaving the game unfinished

Released in 2013, Kingdoms Rise was a promising solo project from an independent developer doing business like Flyleap Studios. It was kind of like For Honor before For Honor, a fantasy sword fighting game focused on physicality and player skill. Early reviews were quite positive despite its Early Access status, praising its gameplay and multiplayer.

Development stalled, however, and the final actual update came in 2017. Flyleap worked on another quadcopter drone racing game in 2016, which was received quite negatively. Now, five years later, Flyleap has given up on Kingdoms Rise – and game development – ​​for good.

“Game development has been full of ups and downs over the years. Unfortunately, in recent years, trying to move forward and work alone in such a competitive field has generally not been good for me. With the reception of my recent games being unexpectedly poor, the income I have been earning from this line of work is no longer reliable to pay my bills in the future. As such, I found a new career and decided to quit Flyleap Studios. This means that all our games will be withdrawn from sale. coming soon”, said the developer on Steam. (opens in new tab) They also apologized to anyone who felt like a failure and thanked everyone who enjoyed their games.

Flyleap Studios is now yet another cautionary tale about the dangers and difficulties of indie game development and the difficulties of Early Access.

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