Firewatch meets The Thing in this game about a plane crash in Alaska

arctic awakening (opens in new tab) is a first-person adventure about a plane crash, a lost pilot, a missing co-pilot, and an AI-powered drone, all of them trying to survive in the frozen Alaskan wilderness in the year 2062. plane didn’t malfunction, it was cut in half, and there is something outside making some very strange noises at night.

Unlike many “lost in the desert” survival games, Arctic Awakening is not an open world, but the choices you make will affect your relationships with your companions “and perhaps your own story”. Exploration is the true core of the game: finding the lost co-pilot, finding out what crashed his plane, and hopefully returning home in one piece.

“In Arctic Awakening, the environment itself is a character, which is not always on your side,” reads the Steam page. “The dynamic climate means that each new area never looks the same, and beautifully realized vistas combine with an ever-changing world to create an atmosphere of discovery, potential and fear.”

Watching the trailer and looking at the screens, my immediate impression is that it looks a bit like fire clock (opens in new tab) (which I loved), with a slightly more catastrophic twist. Associate editor Ted Litchfield sees an element of The Thing there too, presumably from the mix of Arctic scenery and “something terrible is happening and we don’t know what”. The views are beautiful and I’m looking forward to wandering around, but what I really hope is that the mystery is worth it in the end. Firewatch stumbled a bit at this point, tarnishing (very slightly!) what was otherwise a masterful game, so I’d really like to see Arctic Awakening hit the landing.

Arctic Awakening is expected to release sometime in 2023.

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