Final Fantasy 14 Producer Asks Players to Stop Saying “Good Job!” towards opponents and then dropping fireworks on their bodies

Final Fantasy 14’s new 5v5 PvP mode, Crystalline Conflict, has apparently led to an increase in bad manners among players that the game’s producer, Naoki Yoshida, directly addressed players in a news post about his behavior.

“We are receiving an unprecedented number of reports about uncooperative/lethargic or provocative behavior during matches,” explains Yoshida, before delving into offensive trends in more detail.

The “uncooperative/lethargic” behavior that Yoshida highlights first is a bit difficult to pin down, though many of us have likely witnessed a game teammate out of spite at least once.

“All PvP content, including Crystalline Conflict, is intended to be a skill battle/competition between players,” Yoshida writes. “Participants must give their best for the fight, and therefore uncooperative or lethargic behavior is prohibited. We will strive to do our best even in situations where defeat is imminent, regardless of whether you are interested in the fights or not. rewards.”

The gist of the post, however, is a detailed list of other rude shenanigans that Yoshida politely asks Crystalline Conflict players to stop indulging in:

  • Repeatedly using the quick chat phrase “Good job!” during an unfavorable situation
  • Repeatedly using the quick chat phrase “Good match!” before the outcome of the match has been decided
  • Excessively repeating a particular Quick Chat phrase
  • Persistently placing a negative target counter on another friendly player
  • Using and repeating an emote on top of a downed opponent
  • Firing fireworks at a downed opponent
  • Using Tell or other methods to directly harass/criticize an out-of-duty player after a match has ended
  • Defaming other players through non-game means such as social media

It’s hardly worth mentioning that launching abuse via in-game chat or external social media is unforgivable, but it’s funny to see genuinely nasty behavior bundled with the more benign competitive scams on this list.

Sarcastic use of a “Good job!” or “Good game!” quick chat strikes me as classically humorous chit-chat, reminiscent of the “Very well!” Dark Souls sculptures, “What a rescue!” Rocket League taunts, and Mario Kart Wii’s “I’m using tilt controls!” flex. Map ping abuse also seems relatively harmless, if annoying, and can be resolved with a cooldown timer.

The funniest request is for players to stop using emotes and fireworks to taunt their opponents. At least 70% of an emote’s usefulness is for good-natured PvP taunts in my opinion, and fireworks strike me as the perfect cheeky farewell after defeating an opponent. Maybe I let myself get too numb to this sort of thing after years of Overwatch and League of Legends.

Yoshida ends the post by reminding players that the FF14 team reserves the right to temporarily suspend them for three to 20 days for the listed behaviors, and that repeated or “exceptionally heinous” violations will result in a permanent ban.

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