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Final Fantasy 14 Players Are Getting Their Character Profiles Excited As Hell

final fantasy 14The newest patch was released a week ago, bringing tons of cool additions to the critically acclaimed MMORPG. One of them is adventurer cards: a mini profile card that you can spice up with various backgrounds, frames, and the chance to take a cool picture of your character for all to see.

So far, the feature has been an absolute hit with gamers. It’s been a great way to add a creative touch and personality, and checking my party’s cards has become routine whenever I enter a raid or dungeon. Of course, it’s also been the perfect opportunity for players to push the limitations of character portraits, and the results are surprisingly exciting as hell.

Despite the game’s best efforts to stop the adventurers’ obscene signs, determined players managed to get around this. While portraits should only be allowed if a character’s face is fully displayed, detection is pretty inconsistent at the moment and easily exploitable. This led to a mountain of ass shots, but there was also liberal use of compromising angles to make it look like the characters are performing various sex acts. Even the business card decorations themselves are being used to create the illusion of nude characters.

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While excited profiles seemed almost inevitable, there were also some more familiar creations. There have been some clever recreations of classic memes – from Megamind to the confused cat at dinner. There were also some homages paid to characters from other Final Fantasy games and video games in general. My favorite by far is probably a fantastic Yakuza theme by a character aptly named Goro Majima-san.

The adventurer board feature is still technically in beta, so it’s likely that some extra restrictions will take effect when everything is fully implemented in a later patch. As cool as a cat ass can be, it’s not exactly something everyone wants to be subjected to while trying to keep up with their time in the game.

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