Final Fantasy 14 director is already working on the story of the next expansion

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost five months since Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker It was released. The latest expansion ended the game’s decade-long story, bringing the Hydaelyn/Zodiark arc closer together. I’m looking forward to where director Naoki Yoshida and the team will take my character next, with this month’s Patch 6.1 starting to lay the groundwork for what’s to come.

Even though we’re not even a quarter of Endwalker’s life cycle out, Yoshida has confirmed that the expansion’s entire story has been completed, with the director and producer scrambling to know what he wants the game’s next expansion to look like narratively. Speaking with NMEYoshida said, “The plot for the main scenario of the Patch 6.X series has already been completed and we have decided on its completion. Currently, script-related work for various patches and detailed plot work is ongoing. In fact, from my aside, I’m already deciding what I envision for 7.0.”

It makes sense that most of the narrative is already prepared for the next two years, but the structure of Endwalker’s story is very different from what we’ve seen before. Post-expansion patches often provide a continuation of the story, eventually building on the story of the next expansion. Endwalker had no story to go on, with 6.1 starting out as a blank slate. It’s been interesting to see how the team plans to serve a new story with a decade of world-building behind it, and where it’s headed over the course of the expansion.

In addition to touching on the narrative, Yoshida briefly mentioned the Island Shrine. The Harvest Moon-like feature was scheduled to be released back with Endwalker, but was pushed back to 6.2 to allow for more development. Apparently, everything is going well, with Yoshida saying, “Everything is progressing well, but as this is content that plays very differently to the things we’ve implemented previously, now that Patch 6.1 has been released I’d like to take a closer look.” up close featuring it in the Live Producer Letter for Patch 6.2″

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