Final Fantasy 14 Director Apologizes For Breaking His Main Class In PvP

Fantasy Finals 14 (opens in new tab) director Naoki Yoshida apologized for some recent changes to the PvP balance that just so happened to make the dark mage – known to be his main class – absolutely quit wazoo.

It didn’t help that in the weeks before the patch, Yoshida had was seen (opens in new tab) on Japanese servers participating in Crystalline Conflict, the game’s new PvP mode. When the balance patch was released at the end of May, memes spread reddit (opens in new tab) and Twitter with people wondering if Yoshida’s recent games had anything to do with the ream of buffs the dark mage suddenly received.

Well, Yoshida didn’t exactly confirm or deny that his love for the black mage was the reason behind his escalation, but he admitted in a recent magnetite pole (opens in new tab) that the team “went too far” with adjustments.

“What should have been minor changes were released as major changes, which ultimately resulted in a dominated black mage,” he wrote. “By adding a heavy effect, giving Paradox multiple charges, and decreasing cast times, the dark mage has been given an undeniable advantage, which we intend to revert in a future patch.”

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He goes on to say that the class “is not experiencing any preferential treatment for being specially mentioned”, saying that the developers “evaluate the balance of action for all jobs with a similar eye of scrutiny”. There’s also a little quote that I can only take as a little pride in his own abilities: “Having said that, my personal impression after countless games of Crystalline Conflict is that in the hands of a skilled PvP combatant, the dark mage has more potential.” enough to excel in battle.”

Considering Yoshida was able to reach the top of PvP before the buffs showed up, the chances of him wanting all the buffs just for his own benefit seems slim. But still, it’s fun to think that you can take charge of a game you love and casually improve things for your core class or playstyle. Black mage buffs will revert when Patch 6.15 hits June 7, so take out all your mastered cast antics before then.

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