Fan-made PC version of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is now available

Nearly 25 years since its original release, Zelda: Ocarina of Time finally has a PC port. Called Ship of Harkinian, the port uses reverse-engineered code created by the aptly titled Zelda reverse engineering team, as well as adding several new features and improvements befitting a PC debut. Arrives weeks ahead of schedule April release window.

New features include HD graphics and widescreen support. It will work well with both the keyboard and the controller, and the latter has vibration and gyroscope functionality. Oh, and the mod is inside too. In their announcement, the creators of Ship of Harkinian – known as the Harkinian Masters – also promised future support for 60fps, text-to-speech, dual-stick camera controls, HD models and audio, and more.

Although the port is based on reverse engineered code, you will need a “legal source ROM” to play it. While the code is legal – it was independently created and not owned by Nintendo itself – using Nintendo-created assets definitely is, hence the ROM requirement.

The team issued a video today explaining the release and its features. There are some nice cutscenes at the end of the video, showing an emphatically more fluid version of Ocarina of Time. Although 60fps is not yet supported, it sure is nice to see this game running at over 20fps.

To download Ship of Harkinian you can take the link from the project’s official website discord server. Other upcoming features include Linux and Mac support, a scripting system, easter eggs, “visual feedback”, and the ability to use your own texture packs.

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