Extraterrestrial city builder Synergy is all about hope and harmony on a new planet

Managerial types take note: you are being called upon to take your civic and survival skills to another planet. Synergy city building survival game takes you to the desolate but beautiful desert of a hostile planet after an apocalyptic event on Earth. Things in humanity’s new base aren’t so welcoming either, between the harsh weather between seasons and the inhospitable atmosphere. You will need to explore the planet to understand it better while designing a more humane habitat for humanity itself.

Synergy developers unveiled Synergy during PC game program (opens in new tab) with a new trailer showcasing its adorable art style and challenging but hopeful atmosphere.

Like many city builders, Synergy is all about building resources, expanding, and finding a balance that allows your population to thrive. On this new planet, economic growth is not the name of the game: the health and happiness of its citizens are the true measure of success.

To keep your people healthy, you need to ensure they have access to food, clean water and clean air. Direct sun and shadow are also a concern in the planet’s minimal atmosphere. There’s a tech tree, of course, giving access to new structures, food recipes, and survival tech. Expeditions will allow you to send citizens beyond the city in search of discoveries. Mysterious tablets, conveying the planet’s secrets, are a grand prize for returning home.

(Image credit: Leikir Studio)

One of your key success factors is Hope, a resource that you will regain by honoring social pacts such as ensuring water sustainability, distributing education or returning from expeditions with these all-important pills.

The design of the city itself is also important. “Our current cities have developed around cars, and this mode of travel has led to noise, pollution and stress,” says developer Leikir Studio. “In Synergy, it’s not about repeating those mistakes. The player has to think about how to build a city by removing the car paradigm, he has to think about people, their well-being, but also the environment.”

The key to happiness, says Leikir Studio, is allowing humanity to survive respecting nature in its new home world. You will need to consider the proper distribution of living spaces, pedestrian zones, meeting spaces, verticality, and the balance between resource production and personal life. Happiness is fundamental, but waste is deadly.

You can see some of this in action in the Synergy reveal trailer, as a small town grows from a central residential area around a space for local flora.

For my money, you can’t miss out on Synergy’s art style. If Moebius-inspired pastels and comic book lines are the new gaming trend, I’m totally on board. You can find and wish list Synergy on Steam find out more.

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