Ex-Blizzard and Riot Developers Tease ‘Whimsical Pop-Apocalyptic Fantasy’ MOBA

Theorycraft Games, a studio made up of many developers who previously worked on games like League of Legends, Valorant, Destiny, and Overwatch, has released the first concept art for its new team-based, MOBA-inspired competitive game codenamed Loki.

The four pieces of art depict a world that already looks like a top-down MOBA map, complete with clues cutting through each zone. On one of the pieces, a chipped purple turret sits atop a base-shaped platform that you would protect in the last fight of a match. The whole thing sits on top of a piece of land that floats in the sky, where the game seems to take place, and there are other magical looking fountains close by.

In another play, the scene is dark with a neon sign glowing in the middle. You can barely make out a character sitting in a shop under the harsh shadows. Like League of Legends, Loki will likely take place in a gender-bending world with, I suppose, a big roster of characters to match that. All of this, fitting into the “whimsical, pop-apocalyptic fantasy world” that the developer describes as.

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(Image credit: Theorycraft Games)
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Loki concept art with magical fountains on the floating island

(Image credit: Theorycraft Games)
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Loki concept art with character in dark scene

(Image credit: Theorycraft Games)
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Loki concept art with glowing fantasy platform

(Image credit: Theorycraft Games)

Very little is known about Loki other than that it’s for people who enjoy MOBAs, “going on adventures with friends and team-based competitive PvP”, according to the developer website. The game has only been in development for a year, but Theorycraft Games has already had a number of players testing and giving feedback.

It’s easy to guess what kind of game it will be given that the company is full of developers who have played and worked on competitive multiplayer games, most notably at Blizzard and Riot. As part of today’s announcement, Theorycraft Games also revealed that it has hired former Legends of Runeterra director Andrew Yip and Arcane (the LoL Netflix series) art supervisor Kévin Le Moigne.

“Together, we are combining our professional strengths and personal loves for different genres to create something entirely new with Loki. Andrew’s knowledge of deep gameplay systems and Kévin’s ability to bring fantastical worlds to life will further our mission to make Loki the rewarding and imaginative experience we’ve envisioned since its inception,” CEO Joe Tung said of the new hires.

Loki doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can sign up to be part of their testers at the website.

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