Ereban: Shadow Legacy is a cyber game that gives you dark powers

While the Xbox and Bethesda storefront was filled with a lot of things we’d expect, there were also some intriguing surprises. One of them was Ereban: Shadow Legacy – a cyber stealth game set in what appears to be a North African-inspired world that has been taken over by not-so-friendly robots.

I’m digging into the background – it’s rare that we see these parts of the world getting a kind of robotic-apocalyptic treatment. Neon signs and steel walkways jut between sandstone buildings, while palm trees and minarets rise alongside formidable metal silos. The cel-shaded aesthetic looks the part too.

The hero, the titular Ereban, seems to have some nifty powers at his disposal. Most notably, she can transform into a sort of shadow smoke form that allows her to quickly close in on enemies, crawl along walls, and smash through vents. It looks like this particular power will be a central hook of the game.

In terms of combat, the trailer only shows stealth kills narrated by some fun old-school revenge gossip that gives me flashbacks to Bloodrayne. But unlike the vampiric action slasher, Ereban seems committed to keeping their deaths silent and stealthy. To that end, we see our blue-haired heroine do things like perch on a robot’s shoulders before stabbing a glowing blade into its face, or disappearing into shadow form before resurfacing behind its prey. At one point, a robot lifts her by the head, and just as she is about to deliver the final blow, she teleports back. Very nice.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy is set to release day one on PC Game Pass, published by Raw Fury and developed by Barcelona-based studio Baby Robot Games.

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